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Tactical Magic Podcast

Jan 24, 2023

Marc T. Suess is a designer and artist, living in Hamburg Germany.

"I believe stories have the power to change the world" – that's why I would describe what I do as storytelling, in visuals, words and music.

He is the owner and creative director of the brand-building and design studio "sweetspot studio" where he helps entrepreneurs and creatives to find and share their sweet spot.

My artistic work is an exploration of the inner, the non-rational, the dirty, and the sacred. I draw inspiration from abstract and street art as well as ancient tribal art.

I also host 2 podcasts: The sweetspot podcast where I talk about creative work and help people to fin the sweetspot of their brand. (english)
And the podcast "Fugengold" where Prof. Dr. Marcus Kleiner and I analyze popular culture and media phenomena (german).