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Tactical Magic Podcast

Feb 21, 2018

Katherine Johnson believes you change the world by being yourself. An executive presence expert, she teaches speakers and entrepreneurs all over the world world how to gracefully amplify their presence and make a bigger impact by showing up as a more congruent, authentic version of themselves. 

Before you even speak, your presence is like a microphone announcing who you are to the world. The psychology of first impressions, building meaningful connections and effective leadership highlight the importance of aligning what you are saying and who you are being. 

Katherine’s proven model for aligning your presence from the inside out reconnects you with your core self, all the while helping you reclaim clarity, confidence and courage to shine your light in the world. Whether if it's knowing what to wear professionally, in front of a camera, or when sharing your core message with the world, Katherine revolutionizes everything you thought you knew about presence and personal style so you can connect more easily with others and position yourself for success. Through speaking, workshops and transformative 1:1 consulting, Katherine enables women to be seen, heard and valued for who they truly are. 

A best-selling author and the founder of SPARK, Katherine lives in Portland, Oregon, and can be found having silly dance parties with her children, enjoying family camping trips or running around the squash court. She loves traveling far and near to meet extraordinary women who are ready to find their authentic spark and make a bigger difference in the world.