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Tactical Magic Podcast

Aug 16, 2022

Julia Muse’s creations & curiosity live at the crossroads of art, healing, magic & entrepreneurship. At age 20 yoga was her gateway drug into new realms of alchemy & possibility, she is still following that same golden thread. Now facilitating group spaces for liberation through the practice of invocation & story telling. Guiding others to use self-expression as a vessel for self-actualization & empowerment. She also works mentoring healing & intuitive arts facilitators into higher expressions of service. Specializing in course creation, personal branding & organic social media marketing. With unconditional trust that everything is art, she lives to honor all that arises as the necessary resource for greater understanding. This knowing is the center of her life, building an altar around this core belief she makes offerings of her life, with prayer, service, writing, poetry, dance, photography & the choice to live a life of her own design. Residing in Humboldt County with her dog Akasha she finds great privilege in her ability to spend time communing with the ancient old growth redwood forest & strives to share her quest for greater freedom with all who are willing to hear the call.

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