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Tactical Magic Podcast

Sep 13, 2022

I’m, Jillian Leslie, co-founder, with my husband, David, of Catch My Party (started in 2009), the MiloTree pop-up app (started in 2016), and MiloTreeCart (started in 2022).

With David’s technical expertise, and my business and marketing know-how (I have an MBA from Stanford), we’ve been able to grow three successful online businesses.

I’m also host of The Blogger Genius Podcast, where for the past four years, I’ve been interviewing successful online entrepreneurs, content creators, and industry experts.

I started my online business journey in 2009 (yep, I’m an OG blogger). So, I have lots of experience building vibrant communities.

Now my goal is to empower other female creators to build successful online businesses that change their lives and give them the freedom they crave.

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