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Tactical Magic Podcast

Sep 27, 2022

Amber Jane has helped hundreds of people reclaim soul pieces, reunite with those who have passed from this life, and resolve and remedy broke repetitive patterns (often across lifetimes) so that people can embody their greatness and personal power. She is passionate about personal sovereignty and has particular skills in curse unraveling and soul-stealing. She believes that we all have a right to live our best life on the edge of our creative genie or simply to live a beautiful life open to more possibilities. Through her psychic readings and channeled guidance subscriptions, her clients find efficiency, clarity, and confidence to manifest their desired goals or to move through change and transformation in their life - which we will talk about more so in this podcast. She offers in-person and virtual sessions across the globe from Portland Oregon where she lives on 1/4 acre in the middle of the city. Amber Jane, her husband, and her daughter are surrounded by tall trees tending to flower and vegetable gardens, and chickens.

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