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Tactical Magic Podcast

Apr 5, 2023

Katie Christianson is the owner and head Bitch in Charge at Unwhelm Coaching. She has spent decades successfully (and not-so-successfully) managing ADHD while simultaneously living the life of the over-committed serial entrepreneur and parenting five kids. She has done everything from doggy daycare and boarding to founding a public charter middle school. Katie is deeply committed to honesty and vulnerability and is always looking for opportunities to forge and deepen authentic connection. At Unwhelm Coaching, she is in the business of empowering women in business. Described as "my business ride or die", "a paid best friend", and "my external brain", Katie is dedicated to her clients' success and peace. As a woman who constantly manages overwhelm, Katie specializes in bringing order to chaos. Katie shares her Santa Fe, New Mexico, home office with Chief Canine Office Peter Brady and her husband, Mr. Unwhelm, the author Joe Cooke. She enjoys skiing and performing with her band Katie and the Good Things.