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Tactical Magic Podcast

May 16, 2023

Metsa Nihue is an internationally known healer who specializes in indigenous wisdom and lineages. He lived and trained in the Peruvian Amazon for fifteen years under the guidance of the Quechua-Lamistas (keh-choo-uh luh-mees-tuhs), Aguarunas, and the Shipibo (she-pee-boh) indigenous peoples. He has since been in practice leading ayahuasca retreats and plant medicine rituals in South America and building awareness in communities from the US, Europe, and Canada for more than twenty years.


He comes as the most highly recommended practitioner by many accredited scholars and leaders in the field of psychedelic study. Metsa is a Reiki master healer, a Sun Dancer with the Lakota Nation, he is initiated in the Bwiti tradition and ceremonies of Iboga in Gabon, and is part of the Native American Church of the Denee Nation. He is also connected to the psilocybin traditions of the Mazatec people of Mexico. He brings these lineages and practices together as a way to understand the power of healing transmission, helping to awaken our western culture to a collective consciousness resonance.


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