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Tactical Magic Podcast

Sep 10, 2019

I recently I spoke to Nan Krueger, an Interior Designer, Teacher, Entrepreneur, and Mom. She is also one of my students from my Magnetic Influencer Collective course.

If you’re in the midst of decor frustration, Nan can relate. When Nan started out, she thought her career would be spending vast sums of other people’s money on exclusive furnishings and extensive renovations. Turns out, after years of education and working for expensive designers, Nan became disillusioned by the snooty attitude and the general excess of the industry. She felt really frustrated that interior design had been sort-of hijacked like that, as if it were only for the rich and famous with large-scale projects.
Nan wanted to figure out an alternative for the rest of us.
She's here to help you skip past the frustration and the overwhelm, and use her magic design skills to help you create a personal sanctuary that will make you say “Well now, that’s more like it!”