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Tactical Magic Podcast

Aug 4, 2020

Terri Levine (SAY Luh-VEEN) is the founder of Heart-repreneur® and is a business and executive coaching expert. She assists businesses worldwide with business growth, sales, and marketing. She has more than 40 years of business experience, encompassing work with more than 5,000 business owners and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. She is also a bestselling author of dozens of books, has her own radio and TV show and is also a keynote speaker. Terri has a passion for helping businesses to grow with her own personal experience gained while building multiple successful businesses from the ground up. Terri has created the Heart-repreneur® cause teaching business owners to do business heart-to-heart.
Terri conducts training seminars, programs and courses to help people develop business coaching skills.
Through her processes, she loves helping entrepreneurs become more profitable and increase their bottom line.
She is passionate about speaking to business owners about what tactics they can do to skyrocket their business.

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