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Tactical Magic Podcast

Feb 25, 2020

Listen to this episode about how a bobcat encounter led me to my theme for the year.

"Not today, Bobcat," is the energy of potency.

(Yes, I really did grab a bobcat and throw it off my dog...)

You'll hear why in this quick episode...

To check out the Oracle Deck I mentioned in this episode go...

Feb 18, 2020

Doug Sandler is an entrepreneur and industry leader. His book, Nice Guys Finish First is a #1 ranked Amazon Best Seller.  As a podcast host of The Nice Guys, Doug has interviewed, Gary V, Arianna Huffington, John C. Maxwell and dozens of celebs. Doug is a nationally recognized speaker, writer, and founder of...

Feb 11, 2020

Holly C. Priestley is a full time digital nomad and freelance writer. 
Check out this episode all about how Holly turned her passion into her profession and what we have to say about staying motivated and taking a chance. 
Learn more about Holly here:
Here are some of the job boards...

Feb 4, 2020

Priya and her company Awaken Ananda are where “East Meets West to Awaken the Goddess Within." With one foot in science and one foot in spirit, Priya is a living bridge.

Awaken Ananda is a international and board certified training institute. Priya works with SUCCESSFUL, CREATIVE WOMXN WHO FEEL STIFLED IN THEIR WORK...