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Tactical Magic Podcast

Nov 15, 2022

Mary Wagstaff is a holistic alcohol coach for Women. She is radicalizing what it means to live alcohol free through the lens of Women's empowerment for the aquarian age. When not drinking becomes the obvious choice to seek long lasting joy and gain more access to our innate super powers of emotion, humanity and divinity. She has been a student and teacher of the magical holistic and contemplative arts, resilience and mindfulness for 23 years.
She ended an almost 20 year relationship to alcohol without rules, labels or ever making excuses. The framework used to dismantle alcohol is what has made her a better leader, Mother, and sacred ally to human injustices and underserved populations.

It is her mission to change the stigma and narrative around addiction and mental health as something that happens to the "other". Rather, it is a human condition that will begin to change as the collective continues to evolve and claim their power as magnetic creators and honor the human liberation model of embracing the depth of the emotional self, rather than shaming it. She is the host of the popular spiritual and wellness coaching podcast Stop Drinking and Start Living.

She is helping women around the world evolve, heal and awaken from alcohol by way of their innate wisdom and relationship to self.

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