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Tactical Magic Podcast

Feb 10, 2021

Psychedelics Today co-founder Joe Moore began exploring psychedelics after discovering the work of transpersonal psychology founder Dr. Stanislav Grof when he was a philosophy student at Plymouth State University in 2001. Joe has been studying and practicing Grof’s Holotropic breathwork method at the Vermont-based Dreamshadow Group since 2003 and co-founded Boston Holotropic to facilitate breathwork workshops throughout New England.

Joe and Kyle Buller founded Psychedelics Today in 2006 to explore and discuss academic and scientific research in the psychedelic space and how they relate to human potential and healing through blogs, a twice-weekly podcast, and online courses.

Skilled in speaking, research, writing, and leadership, Joe founded Evolver Boston in 2008 and organized the Ayahuasca Monologues in Boston in 2011. He has facilitated legal psychedelic mushroom sessions in Jamaica, offers breathwork workshops in Breckenridge, Colorado, and is a board member of the nonprofit ‘Psychedelic Club’ which has chapters across the United States.

Joe has been an IT professional for 15 years and has supported capture software solutions for nearly a decade. He has extensive experience with product launches and cloud software.

An extreme athlete, Joe climbs, skis, snowboards, and skateboards. He has been scuba diving in Egypt’s Red Sea, Hawaii, Mexico, and Jamaica and is getting certified to sail in Colorado.

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