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Tactical Magic Podcast

May 21, 2019

As Context for Action’s founder and Chief Wisdom Officer, Carri drives consulting and coaching, for conscious businesses and complex multi-sector collaborations. She combines ancient-wisdom traditions with modern best-practices, drawing from systems theory and neuroscience to bring business rigor and heart to every engagement. Carri’s holistic approach to evolutionary work leaves individuals and organizations wired for success. With nature as the model, she translates purpose into collective action — using biomimicry to empower organizations to thrive through collaboration.

Carri is devoted to supporting conscious businesses where people do what they love and work together in service to life. With a career spanning 25 years in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, Carri brings extensive experience in leadership and organizational development. She holds a Masters in Public Administration, a BA in Political Theory and Philosophy, and is a recognized corporate shaman certified as a True Purpose and HeartMath coach. She has been training in co-conscious dialogue for two years and lead retreats with a team of co-facilitators based in NY. She meditates everyday, works with plant medicine, practices magic and raises her two teenagers in Portland.