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Tactical Magic Podcast

Dec 20, 2022

Stacy Musial is on a mission to bring love to the world by assisting humanity to love themselves first, to transcend through the shadows and awaken their potential as sovereign beings. She is the author of Your Empowered Soul: A Natural Path to Heal Anxiety and Depression. She has been practicing psychotherapy for over 10 years and has a passion for diving deep into emotional wounds to heal and transform the energy behind the wound to bring light through for deep love.

Brenda Carey is passionate about guiding people to Energetically align with their heart’s deepest desire.
She is a Holistic Lifestyle Health Coach and yoga teacher utilizing the wisdom of Ayurveda and meditation infused with Energy Healing to co-create healing and wholeness in the body, mind, and soul.
She is the owner of Sacred Path Healing Yoga & Reiki and is the creator of Inspired Living, an online conscious holistic health program.
As co-hosts of Be The Love podcast, Brenda & Stacy are dedicated to raise the vibration of humans and the planet.

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