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Tactical Magic Podcast

Jul 28, 2020

Natalie Christensen and Nathan M McTague are founders of the Center for Emotional Education, and leaders of what they call "the emotional revolution".

Their clients are powerful women, femme, and nonbinary leaders from all over the world who have been outrageously successful, but find themselves still struggling in a personal way that is truly painful, (and because of who they are) maybe even embarrassing. The struggle shows up in their health, their relationships, and their businesses, but the common denominators are often: a level of emotional overwhelm, a repetition of confusing and unhelpful patterns, and a lack of meaningful support.

Natalie and Nathan have dedicated the last 13 years to empowering their clients -- through workshops, webinars, classes, and comprehensive coaching programs -- to unlock the secrets of emotional sovereignty. They've had such success catapulting their clients into lives where they get their needs met, cultivate deeper connections, and enjoy more fulfillment, that they've now launched their own Emotional Sovereignty School.

Check them out: