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Tactical Magic Podcast

Mar 12, 2024

Travis is a licensed acupuncturist who owns and operates and internal medicine clinic in SW Portland. He has worked as a clinician for many years and recoginzed that often patients' healing was limited by some other aspect of the history or their narratives around their own health. He often joked about wishing he had access to a shaman he could refer his patients to when they needed assistance breaking through health problems that had a more esoteric cause. When Oregon launched the legal framework for psilocbyin facilitation in 2023, it seemed that all that wishful thinking was manifesting, and he was in some of the first training cohorts for legal facilitators. Based on his own journeying with psilocybin and serving as a "trip-sitter" for friends doing their own exploration, he knew that psilocybin could be a tool to further the healing of his patients who had hit a block.

After finishing his training program and looking out into the world of legal facilitation, he realized that their was a need to bring more conventional clinical skills to the toolkit of facilitators, and so the idea of creating Acadia Professional Learning was born. Along with his wife, who is a educator with more than 15 years of teaching experience, he built a state-approved training curriculum that combines the best practicies of both the psilocybin journey community and professional clinicians.


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