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Tactical Magic Podcast

Aug 27, 2019

Hiring an assistant can seem like a daunting, unnecessary task. Why should you hire an assistant when you can do the work yourself?

Well, in this episode, I go into why it can be a vital part of running a successful business and let go of the reigns a little while still maintaining the same level of quality. Hiring an assistant will free up a lot of your time for you to focus on more important tasks like growing your business and finding new leads. The assistant can do the menial tasks in the background that you don't enjoy or don't require a lot of energy such as social posting, podcast editing, email responses.

Listen to how I found the perfect assistant and how it's given me so much time back and how you can too.

As long as you set up a structure for them to work within and have a clear line of communication, you'll find that very little can go wrong. Trust will build over time and then you can hand off more and more to them.

After having a variety of different relationships with VA’s (virtual assistants) from Chicago to the Philippines, I found that I was not being clear enough in the kind of support I was after. I had assistants that were amazing, but overrun with too many clients, and assistants that were not as experienced, that I only felt comfortable handing simple jobs off to. Still others that were great, but got swept away by full time positions with bigger companies.

Read more on how I found the ideal assistant here: