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Tactical Magic Podcast

Aug 13, 2019

Today I speak to one of my longest and dearest friends, Paulette Rees Denis. 

Paulette is a Transformational Lifestyle Coach, magic maker, movement motivator and she's always ready to get you movin’ to change your state, then to change your story, and ultimately, change your life!

As an inspirator of feminine celebration and a movement motivator, her passion and work is ultimately about guiding you on your journey, Life coaching –Movement, Momentum, and Magic, full of Dance and Desire, to follow your soul desires through movement and dance, words, and personal creative freedom, opening to your wild spirit, and your individual beauty.

Paulette has over 20 years experience and has sharpened her coaching skills with ongoing studies with Tony Robbins, Robbins/Maddones Certification in Strategic Intervention Coaching along with Marie Forleo business schooling, Holy Fire Reiki and Access Consciousness energy healing certifications.

This is one of those conversations you don't want to miss!!

Find her at: