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Tactical Magic Podcast

Oct 8, 2019

This week, I speak to Amber Jane Arquette, an Energy Medicine Practitioner + Plant Whisperer.

Amber Jane grew up with a herbalist mother who trusted in the plants to such extent that she decided against the norm to treat her with herbal remedies for scarlet fever, appendicitis and chronic ear infections. This set a foundation and belief system that mother nature has truly provided for us in amazing ways.

Some call a modern medicine woman. She has the intuitive gift of talking with the plants. And has learned that they not only help us heal our bodies they help heal our heart, mind and soul. She is the author of a book called Plant Wisdom - Spiritual Messages from the Plant Kingdom.

Living in Portland Oregon she has a healing practice that combines energy medicine, high frequency essential oils and Core Shamanism. She speaks, teaches and leads ritual to show people how to use the essential oils for spiritual growth and healing. She has been learning from the plants for a life time. leading ritual for a decade and continued training for over 4 years in shamanic modalities, helping people recover misplaced, stuck or lost life force energy so that they can feel whole and uplifted.

Check her out here:

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